Bardic Storytelling

So, I haven’t been feeling very well lately, I hurt my head a little while ago and helping to babysit a cat has put my allergies into red alert. So I’ve been having some difficulty concentrating for long periods of time and it’s making it difficult to read. And, like any writer, I love books and feel very frustrated that I cannot spend some of my free time buried in a novel (especially since I’m borrowing a fantastic book from a friend and have now kept it far longer than the socially acceptable time period for borrowing a book, I’m so sorry…).
What’s the solution to this? Audiobooks and Podcasts.
In my last year of university I realised that my local library offers a ebook and audiobook online library that rents books for two weeks at a time. So I’ve now listened to Jane Eyre and The Maze Runner, both of which I would recommend for very different reasons. Now, I love reading out loud and listening to people tell me stories, I’m a big fan of hearing stories performed and find audiobooks great.
I’m also listening to two regular podcasts, Druidcast and Welcome to Night Vale. Both are free to listen to online and are updated regularly. Druidcast is a talk show like podcast, featuring interviews with artists and musicians, lots of Celtic music, and current events in the Druid community. Night Vale, on the other hand, is a radio show of a fictitious desert town where all sorts of supernatural events occur on a regular basis. If anyone is interested in listening you can find all the episodes of Druidcast here and Welcome to Night Vale here.


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