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Villainous Vacations, A Collection of Crime Stories

MYSTERY, MURDER AND MAYHEM: Why settle for one nefarious crime when you can have eleven?villainous vacations cover

If you like spine-chilling tales of felony, villainy and scandal, with shocking twists and thrilling turns, then you will love this new collection of edge-of-your-seat crime stories guaranteed to make you flinch.

You will not be able to put “Villainous Vacations” down. Or fall asleep after reading these gripping stories.

Re-connect with familiar authors and find new favorites in this delicious collection.

In my stories:

Last Christmas: At Christmas time, a young boy goes to investigate his brother’s murder and finds things are more sinister than he thought.

What Could Go Wrong?: It was meant to be a coven holiday, a get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, not a trial to prove not all witches are criminals.

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